Together we will navigate difficult life transitions, uncertainty, self-doubt, & limiting beliefs to create CLARITY & EMPOWERMENT!



Navigate Difficult Life Transitions (i.e. divorce or breakup, parenthood, mid-life crisis, career uncertainty or unfulfillment, etc.) with Clarity & Confidence. Together We Will Help You Master Your Mindset, Remove Limiting Beliefs & Fears, Feel Empowered & Excited About Your Future!

Self love is the key to your inner growth and evolution as a women. It's the single most important factor in creating a happy and fulfilling life and is comprised of different components: self-care, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-trust, and self-respect. 

If life isn't working for you or you are finding it difficult to find and maintain satisfying relationships, get the career you've always dreamed of or the raise you desire, take a risk, go after your dreams, etc. then a lack of self-love is likely the cause!

Or perhaps you feel like you have confidence, but feel unfulfilled or lack clarity in what you want your future to look like and are navigating a new chapter in life as a result of a major transition like divorce, career transition, etc...

Together we will dive deep to define what self love really is and what it isn't. We will explore how to rewire certain patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from reaching your dreams, going after what you want, playing "small", and otherwise dimming your inner shine!

Our society teaches women that worth is directly connected to external appearance. It's my personal mission to change this by empowering women to love themselves unconditionally. To stop striving for perfection- whether it be it in the external appearance, professional accolades, supermom syndrome, or other. To embrace their journey and celebrate their efforts, find love in their flaws and imperfections, and live life more confidently and self-assured!! 

Ultimately, after this transformative program you will feel like the amazingly, powerful woman goddess you were designed to be and you will have the knowledge and tools to show up as her and live as your best self!!

In this program you will:

-Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from feeling fabulous 

-Develop a powerful vision for what self-love, empowerment, and confidence looks like for you

-Discover what limiting beliefs, habits, behaviors, and thoughts are blocking you from self-love and fulfillment

-Get a luminous step-by-step plan for stepping into the best version of yourself, feeling fabulous, confident, powerful, and unstoppable! 



Feel & Function Your Best

Health is the first doorway to transformation...When one area of your life is out of whack it has a ripple effect. For example, you may be experiencing tremendous stress at work that might be affecting your ability to lose weight no matter how much you're dieting or exercising, or you may not be getting enough sleep which is having a major impact on your everyday life.

Using the tools for optimal nutrition, health, & wellness we will work together to assess your habits & mindset, & make small tweaks & adjustments to improve your health so you can make lasting health transformations!

In this program you will
-Uncover what habits and behaviors have been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from feeling and functioning your best

-Get a crystal clear roadmap for how to achieve your personal health and wellness goals

-Provide you with a supportive cheerleader (me) that will hold you accountable to making choices that are in alignment with your highest self

-Fun, easy, and simple processes to get you clarity and create lasting habit changes that support your goals

-Discover a new, more fabulous and confident version of yourself, unleash your inner goddess energy, and feel sexy and confident in your body



Create Alignment In Your External & Internal World

Together we will align your inner transformations with your outer environment, revitalizing your home/bedroom/office/etc. for optimal cohesiveness and wellbeing to create a space that supports your elevated energy/power.

Once we've completed the inner work and you're feeling FABULOUS and living as your BEST SELF, I offer a consultative 1:1 design service to my coaching clients where we take a look at your external space & create an environment that supports the amazing inner transformations that have taken place! 

From this program you will:

- Gain understanding of how your environment does or does not serve you

- Learn to let go of clutter and items that don't align with your future self

-Uncover styles, pieces, objects that inspire and lift you

-Understand how to organize your space to support functionality and your personality

-Discover how function/flow/layout of your surrounding environment supports or hinders your goals

-Have a crystal clear blueprint for transforming your space to create a design that reflects your inner best self!