Why Hiring a Health Coach Is Important

How we do one thing in life is how we do everything. There is a direct ripple effect when one area of our lives is out of balance. For example, you may be struggling with trying losing weight, despite the fact that you religiously workout and diet. This could actually be related to other factors like not getting enough sleep or excessive stress. Or, you may be feeling stuck in your career and unhappy, and/or experiencing anxiety and depression, which has a direct impact on your health and quality of life.

The first step in achieving optimal wellbeing, both physically and mentally, is your health. Health is the FIRST doorway to transformation. Creating healthy habits will set you up to be "your best self."

Working with a health coach can help you identify areas that are blocking you from feeling and functioning your best. A health coach can help you examine where you may be stuck or standing in your own way by helping you to identify unhealthy habits and limiting thoughts and beliefs, tweaking to your existing routine, and creating a lasting lifestyle change.

A health coach will not only look at your nutrition and exercise regimes, but will also take into account different areas that affect our health, including: sleep, timing of meals, quality of food, macronutrient balance, stabilization of blood sugar, hydration, and more.

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