Why Mindset Matters

Your mindset and beliefs shape your actions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. What you believe to be true and hold in your heart will litera

lly impact your actions and the world you create around you. What you can imagine, you can achieve. It is literally that simple, yet can be overwhelming if you do not have the tools or support in place to get there. The first step in mindset shift is as easy as beginning to heighten your awareness to EVERYTHING. Notice the feelings and sensations that our feelings generate in your body and become acutely aware throughout each day. Take note of anything that comes up for you. Do you become easily stressed or impatient at the smallest things? Are you quick to anger? What is causing those feelings for you? Start to examine these feelings as they pertain to the big areas of your life: health, love/relationships, career

, finances, & spirituality. What has happened in your past that may contribute to these beliefs & f

eelings? Once you have awareness, start to question these thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself if they are really true? Feelings are just that, feelings. They are messages from our brain to our body, designed to alert ourselves of either danger or safety. As humans we tend to fear the unknown. For example, we tell ourselves stories like, "I can't do xyz because of abc." More often that not, these are simply boundaries we create to limit ourselves out of this biological fear response.

A good life coach can help guide you towards the next steps in eliminating these limiting beliefs and reframing your thoughts so you are ready and open for expansion into your greatness.

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