Helping You Design Your Best Self & Live The Life You Crave!!

Hi! I'm Leah Bernath, Leader/CEO, Your Best Self, LLC. 

I am a Self-Love Mastery & Life Coach, Health and Fitness Guru, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Travel & Adventure Enthusiast, and Single Momprenuer. 

With over a decade of experience as an interior designer and a certified Pilates instructor, I've always been fascinated with ability of a surrounding space to have an impact on how you feel and vice versa...My passion and purpose has always been to help people FEEL and FUNCTION their best, whether it's within their external environment or within their internal mindset. I became a certified health & life coach so I can expand my knowledge and literally help women design their dream lives from the inside out. 

Through my illuminating group programs and supportive, 1:1 coaching, I help you not only discover and align with a new, flourishing inner mindset, but I also address your surrounding outer environment/space.  

So, what does that mean?? In essence, I help you "design" and elevate your inner being to become YOUR BEST SELF, and marry it with the design of  your surrounding environment. Ultimately, promoting optimal cohesiveness between your internal/external wellbeing. 

My passion is helping women discover their inner strength, break through past roadblocks in their path to fulfillment, overcome their limiting beliefs, navigate burnout, and tap into their limitless feminine energy/power.



Let's face it...being a woman is NOT always easy! We face many obstacles and challenges - whether it's trying to do it ALL, worrying about pleasing others, doing what we think we "should" do, and/or juggling a career, family, relationships, running a households, and more.

We are often comparing ourselves to others to see how we measure up, may lack confidence at times, and may just plain be BURNT OUT! As women, we  are often our OWN worst enemies. 

Through my own experience & coaching expertise, I have personally mastered habit & mindset change, overcame fears & limiting beliefs, career and life burnout, & "superwoman syndrome." I discovered and unleashed my inner feminine power and confidence & have stepped into a version of myself I did not know existed. 

My greatest passion in life is to help other women TRANSFORM and ELEVATE into the BEST version of themselves and create the life of their dreams!

With some coaching & tools, together we will transform your life in ways that allow you to function & feel YOUR best, & ultimately create the LIFE you CRAVE.