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Leah Bernath is an Expert Life Coach, Mindset Coach, & Somatic Practitioner,  Who Empowers Women Worldwide to Create The Life They Crave Through Her Unique Medicine, Blending Modalities Such As NLP, Reiki, EFT, Subconscious & Conscious Programming, 5 Principles of Personal Power, Somatic Healing, & Alignment of Energetic Frequencies.

She's Passionate About Helping Women Step into Their Divine Feminine Power, Embody Their Best Self, & Actualize the Success, Confidence, & Abundance They Desire Personally & Professionally.


She Offers 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching Programs, Corporate Consulting Programs, & Motivational Speaking Engagements, with a Specialized Focus on Topics Including Overcoming Barriers to Success, Limiting Decisions, Conquering Career & Life Burnout, Developing Leadership Presence, and More. She has Been Featured in NY Weekly, Entrepreneurs Herald, & Brainz Magazine, & has Written & Published, Win The Day - The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Life with Clarity and Confidence. 

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While Leah's Career Spans Over 20 Years in Diverse Fields Like Commercial & Residential Interior Design, Business Development, Sales, Pilates & Personal Training, it Was Her Personal Journey That Truly Ignited Her Passion for Coaching. Having Navigated Significant Life Transitions such as Divorce, Dating, Single Parenthood, Corporate Re-Entry, Career Advancement, & Entrepreneurship, Leah Deeply Understands the Struggles Faces by Professional Women & Mothers Alike in Today's World. In 2020, She Launched Your Best Self, LLC, A Coaching Business to Help Women Step into Their True Potential & THRIVE in Their Lives, Relationships, & Career.

After Dedicating Decades to High-Achieving energy, Hustle-mode, Perfectionism, and the Superwoman Syndrome Mentality, Leah Discovered the Power of Surrendering and Aligning with the Highest Self. Through the Modalities She Now Shares with Her Clients, Leah Experienced Profound Transformation, Finding that Letting Go & Connecting with Her Innermost Being was the Most Impactful Journey she Embarked Upon.

If you are ready to step into POWER, ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, EXPANSION, & CONFIDENCE, let's chat!




Success & Abundance Begin When You Step into Your Best Self

Attention all women! Let's get real: being a woman isn't always a walk in the park. We face countless hurdles in our careers, relationships, and challenges in juggling family, work and our daily lives.

Ever feel like you're drowning in overwhelm, stress, or just plain burnout? You're not alone. But guess what? There's light at the end of the tunnel! I've been right where you are, battling limiting beliefs, perfectionism, and that dreaded "superwoman syndrome." But through my own growth journey and the power of coaching, I've found a way out. Now, I'm here to guide you through breaking free from those chains and unlocking your inner strength and confidence. Together, with practical tools, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Picture a life filled with happiness, abundance, and unshakeable confidence—sounds good, right? So, are you ready to reclaim your power and start living your best life?!

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